Engineering support for oil and gas industries

We have decades of experience supporting the oil and gas industry, and work with major clients including Kempe Group, Caltex, Baker Petrolite, and Bournedrill. We offer a range of engineering services for mining and drilling operations, including installation and servicing of skid mounted pumps, drill rigs, hydraulics, oil and gas spooling, and much more.

Tell us the problem you’re trying to solve, and we’ll provide veteran engineering support.

Sharp Engineering Industries
Sharp Engineering Industries

Decades of experience working in the oil and gas industries

Sharp Engineering Industries

Highly qualified mechanical engineers and fabricators, who will get the job done quickly and efficiently

Sharp Engineering Industries

Able to fix a broad range of engineering issues for mining and drilling operations

Sharp Engineering Industries

We work with some of Australia’s biggest mining companies

Sharp Engineering Industries

Easy and straightforward to work with. We’ll get your job done with minimal fuss

Sharp Engineering Industries

We’ll complete everything for you— design, fabrication, and installation

What kind of engineering support do we offer for the oil and gas industries?

Common equipment/machines that we install, service, and repair for these industries include:

  • Skid mounted pumps
  • Drill rig repairs and modification
  • Hydraulics installation and repairs
  • Drill rod carriers (container pocket style)
  • Oil and gas spooling and installation
  • Offshore / onshore chemical injection packages
  • Metering stations

Our support process for oil and gas work

  1. Consultation—we’ll have a chat with you about the problem you’re trying to solve, to determine the best solution.
  2. Design—if design is required, we’ll usually complete this with you onsite on a whiteboard. If needed, we’ll also complete a 3D model of the solution.
  3. Review—once we’ve come up with a solution, we’ll ask you to review, and if required, request adjustments. This is an essential part of the process.
  4. Approval—we’ll get your approval for the final solution.
  5. Build—we’ll create the solution.
  6. Installation—we’ll install the work for you, and test that it’s working as expected.
  7. Handover—We’ll complete a final handover for you, including a detailed explanation of how the solution works.